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I was just trying this knowing that my select would return one row. Is something like this possible or will I need a temporary variable?

lets say my stored procedure took one parameter:

exec dbo.GetUserData @UserName = UserName from @MyTempTable where UserId= @UserId

Or what if the parameter expected was XML? Is there a way I can do something like

exec dbo.GetUserData @UserXml =
        	when @val = 1 then '1' 
        	when @val = 0 then '0' 
        	else NULL 
        end as '@MyId',
        @ThisId as '@ThisId',
        @ThatId as '@ThatId'
    FOR XML PATH('Info')
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XML or otherwise, assign the value to the variable before using the variable in the EXEC call.

DECLARE @UserName [data type]


  SELECT @UserName = UserName 
    FROM @MyTempTable 
   WHERE UserId = @UserId

    EXEC dbo.GetUserData @UserName

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Or what OMG Ponies said :) – Rob Gray Dec 16 '09 at 1:18
how do i put the results of a for xml into a temp variable? – tote Dec 16 '09 at 1:23

You'll need a temporary variable.

DECLARE @username nvarchar(20) 
SELECT @username = Username FROM @MyTempTable WHERE UserId=@UserId

exec dbo.GetUserData @Username.
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yeah i figured as much. in my situation it'd be a lot quicker if i didn't have to create temp variables for all my params so i though there might be a way to just do a select similar to how i presented it. – tote Dec 16 '09 at 1:22

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