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I am developing a phonegap android application using jquery Mobile that consists three html pages. I want to include transitions during navigation from one page to another. For navigation between pages i have used

window.location = "abc.html";

Each page consists some dynamic data that loads on page initialization. I have tried data-transition="slide". But there isn't any effect. How can i include slide transition for page navigation in my application ?

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 $.mobile.changePage('abc.html', { transition : 'slide'});
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thnx Ved bt this trick isn't working for me...i have tried this already.Any other solution? –  UjjawalKr Oct 1 '13 at 13:06
<a href="abc.htm" data-role="none" data-transition="slide"> OR You can add all pages in one page and call using page id : <a href="#abc" data-role="none" data-transition="slide"> –  Ved Oct 1 '13 at 13:15
function change_page(page){

    $.mobile.changePage( page, { transition: "slide", changeHash: false });


Call this function:change_page('#load_page'); OR change_page('mypage.html');

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