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Put the case I've got a route like

.config(function (CONFIG,$routeProvider) {
            .when('/', {
                templateUrl: + '/index/index.html',
                controller: 'IndexCtrl'
            .when('/contestant/create', {
                templateUrl: + '/contestant/create.html',
                controller: 'ContestantCreateCtrl'
            .when('/contestant/thanks', {
                templateUrl: + '/contestant/thanks.html',
                controller: 'ContestantThanksCtrl'
            .when('/product', {
                templateUrl: + '/product/index.html',
                controller: 'ProductCtrl'
            .when('/prize', {
                templateUrl: + '/prize/index.html',
                controller: 'PrizeCtrl'
                redirectTo: '/'


I'd like to deny access or simply redirect the user to /contestant/create if he/she has filled in the form but I don't find a way :(

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The simplest way is to create a service which hold a reference to every visited route, so you could put a resolve in every route, check if that route is in the services' list and if so, deny it, else, you put it on the list and continue. A expert user could hack that easily. So you could put that list on the server or something. – Jesus Rodriguez Oct 1 '13 at 13:29
up vote 0 down vote accepted function(VisitedRoutes) {
app.factory('VisitedRoutes', function($rootScope,$location) {
        var routes = [];
        return {
            add : function(){
                return _.uniq(routes);
               return _.indexOf(this.all(), value) 
                var that = this;
                $rootScope.$on('$routeChangeSuccess', function (scope, next, current) {
app.controller('ContestantCreateCtrl',function($scope,$location,VisitedRoutes) {
    if(VisitedRoutes.hasRoute('/contestant/thanks') !== -1){

credit to @Jesus Rodriguez :)

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