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I am having trouble compiling Fortran code with references to dislin. I have downloaded dislin from the website, unzipped the file and ran the setup. I have added an environment variable called DISLIN (C:\dislin) and added C:\dislin\win to the PATH section of my system variables.

I am trying to compile some example code off the dislin website which includes the line USE DISLIN

I am using a MinGW shell to compile with the command gfortran -o progrname -ldislin EX11_1.f90 and am getting the following error:

Fatal Error: Cant open module file 'dislin.mod' for reading at (1): No such file or directory.

I have tried changing the variable path and even moving the dislin.mod file (which is there) but still get the same message.


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Ok I fixed this problem so thought I come back and post what worked for me incase any one else needs it...

  1. Install both DISLIN and MinGW on the c drive
  2. Copy disgf.a from /c/dislin and dislin.f90 from /c/dislin/gf into the directory containing your fortran files (for me this is /c/MinGW/pnote)
  3. Using the MinGW shell navigate to you files: cd /c/MinGW/pnote
  4. compile dislin.f90 and your fortran program: gfortran -c dislin.f90 progName.f90 (dislin.f90 obviously only needs to be done once)
  5. link libraries etc and compile: gfortran progName.o disgf.a -luser32 -lgdi32 -lopengl32 -o exeName
  6. 'run' exeName
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You probably need to specify the path to the DISLIN module files:

gfortran EX11_1.f90 -o progrname -ldislin -I/path/to/DISLIN/modules

and, if not already configured like described here, also the path to the library itself:

gfortran EX11_1.f90 -o progrname -ldislin -I/path/to/DISLIN/modules \
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Great thanks, the files will now compile, however a new error is now showing. it says "undefined reference to 'subroutine_title'" for every sub routine that is being called in EX11_1. I have checked and they are being called as defined in the dislin module. Any ideas on a solution? – user2538235 Oct 1 '13 at 16:20

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