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I've checked Stackoverflow and found this question/discussion:


However, I'm looking for something that comes with special "administration panel" -> So it behaves more like CMS (in backend mode).

I'm rewriting other's programmer code which is pretty much uncommented (He'll burn in Hell for That), and I need something very simple, so I install some backend onto hosting, plus add function or include to code and place the text-specific codes into website code.

Thanks' soo much for your answers.

Edit: PHP and MySQL required.

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TinyMCE is very clean, and configurable, but it's extremely difficult Javascript code to penetrate (Firebug is useless against it) while there are quite a few bugs.

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The FCKeditor should work with PHP, and it's a solid WYSIWYG editor.

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Be warned the documentation for CKEditor is insanely poor, and the codebase is very hacky- works great in its default setup- but making plugins you'll have a nightmare trying to discover how the api works, and then realizing how many dependent systems are unfinished and basically 'hard coded'. – meandmycode Oct 22 '09 at 15:25

I just started with WYZZ 0.65 on IE8 and it looks pretty good. I like how you can insert images and also tell it how to align the image.

Only possible bug I found so far was that the 'insert special character' function inserts the character outside the text area.

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I've had good experience with FreeTextBox

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Forgot to mention it was for php and mysql :( – Skuta Oct 10 '08 at 13:22

The YUI Rich Text Editor could also work.

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wyzz is also an lightweight editor, and its code more readable. If you are looking for simplicity.

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WE've Had really good experiance with telerik rad editor... has multiple text modes, really nice ajax support, etc.


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Installed Wyzz Editor, it's nice and clean. Tested in Localhost, in Windows XP SP2, using Firefox 14.0.1. But till there are some difficulty: image insertion is not easy for novice, you have to upload an image to a directory, then you have to copy-paste the link into it. It's not easy for someone novice with IT. In my test cut-copy-paste isn't working.

Ok, bugs have, bugs will be. But you can test it. It's clean and light-weight. Thanks.

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It relies on ActiveX which is a nightmare if you're working with clients in a locked down IT infrastructure but we've had great success with XStandard. The markup is the cleanist i've seen around and the ability to copy and paste images from Word has to be a winner.

I've never tried it with PHP but a quick search seems to suggest it's possible.

Very simple to install and online documentation is concise.

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It only uses ActiveX for desktop integration. Also, you wouldn't use PHP (or any server-side technology) to create a WYSIWYG editor. You need to use something that runs on the client. – Jordan Ryan Moore Dec 14 '09 at 1:24

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