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Now i Am using Xcode 4.2 to develop app.and the app is running on iOS 7 iPhone.My problem related with status bar color.I want the status bar color is same color as of navigation bar color.I am using this code for setting navigation bar image ,here is my code:

[[UINavigationBar appearance] setBackgroundImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"nav_bar.png"] forBarMetrics:UIBarMetricsDefault];

How we can set the status bar color?now is light gray color>>Many thanks....

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In iOS6 you can't change the image or the color of the status bar apart from this 2 styles:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication]setStatusBarStyle:UIStatusBarStyleBlackOpaque];

[[UIApplication sharedApplication]setStatusBarStyle:UIStatusBarStyleBlackTranslucent];
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i am using xcode 4.2 and ios 7 –  Vipin K V Ias Oct 1 '13 at 14:52
If you are using XCode 4.2 you are not compiling with iOS7, another thing is that you are running your app in a iOS7 device, but it's compiled with iOS6 –  Antonio MG Oct 1 '13 at 14:53
so there is no way to change the color of status bar ...? –  Vipin K V Ias Oct 1 '13 at 14:58
No apart from those 2 styles, sorry –  Antonio MG Oct 1 '13 at 14:58

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