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I have an index.php, where I do session_start() etc. For login, I send an ajax request to receiver.php, where I set the session variables etc and get an ajax response back.

Now, I can perfectly capture the php session variables only when I refresh the index.php page that has the following code:

jsSessionUserId = <?php     
    if (isset($_SESSION['userId'])) { //LoggedIn:
        echo json_encode($_SESSION['userId']); 
    } else { //  Not logged in.
        // some code here

What I really want is to put this in a function and then call this function when I receive a successful ajax response (and thus not have the need to refresh the index.php page). It is not working. I suspect that the php doesn't quite work inside of a javascript function. Grateful for any help.

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It is bad idea to mix things up. Like php and javascript. Easiest solution for you right now - overwrite your javascript variables once successful login response is received.

$.post("receiver.php", formData, function(response){ // login callback
  if(response.UserId){ // return user id if login is successful
    jsSessionUserId = response.UserId; // overwrite old variable
}, "json");
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Thank you. I tried your concept and I no longer need to mix php and javascript. The ajax call is done on an button/image click (no form involved), then upon return it updates jsSessionUserId. And I avoided using a global variable like jsSessionUserId using closure (Crockford - the good parts kind of stuff). This is good enough solution for me at this moment, but if there are better ways, please enlighten. –  Kaya Toast Oct 2 '13 at 14:54

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