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In my HotTowel based project, I'm using Durandal 1.1.1 for routing.

I have a login route, which I want to activate if the user is not logged in.

my route config is like:

var routes = [ {
    url: 'login',
    moduleId: 'viewmodels/login',
    name: 'Login',
    visible: true,
    caption: 'Login'
    url: 'moduledetail/:id',
    moduleId: 'viewmodels/moduledetail',
    name: 'ModuleDetail',
    visible: true,
    caption: 'ModuleDetail'

I want if user want to go #/moduledetail/1 and is not authenticated yet, the browser navigate to route #/login/moduledetail/1 so after successful login route back to the #/moduledetail/1.

A possible solution is to put a navigateTo in canActivate of moduledetail like:

function canActivate()
    if (!loggedIn)
    return false;

But navigating to another page during canActivate seems so foolish.

Is there any method to tell Durandal that while routing, on this condition use this route?

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In Durandal 2.0, this is achieved using router.guardRoute:

auth = require('auth');
router.guardRoute = function(model, route) {
    return auth.loggedIn() || '#/login';

From what I've read, though undocumented the behavior works the same in Durandal 1.x. Guard route is a function called after the viewModel is loaded but before activate is called on the view model. If true, routing proceeds. If a string, the router tries to navigate to the route associated with that string.

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Thanks for your answer. I didn't know that guardRoute is added to durandal 2.0. But my problem still remains as it's not working in durandal 1.x and currently I can't upgrade to 2.0 due to the project checkpoints. – mehrandvd Oct 2 '13 at 6:21
"From what I've read, though undocumented the behavior works the same in Durandal 1.x." – Matthew James Davis Oct 2 '13 at 17:02
But I didn't found any function named guradRoute in Duranda 1.x!? – mehrandvd Oct 2 '13 at 20:01
Reason you can't find it in 1.1.1 as it was added in 1.2. Time to upgrade? – RainerAtSpirit Oct 2 '13 at 21:27
@RainerAtSpirit Currently I cant upgrade the project due some time constraints, I'll update it in 2 weeks. But yes, it's at 1.2, thanks. – mehrandvd Oct 5 '13 at 8:40

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