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For vSphere Web Client plugin, I created a java Service , I try to create a datastore in the ESX host using VI JAVA. I included

import com.vmware.vim25.*;  
import com.vmware.vim25.mo.*;  

files in service implementation and included external JARS to STS environment and created a function to list all hosts:

public List<String> listVcHosts() throws Exception{  
   ManagedEntity[] hosts = new InventoryNavigator(rootFolder).searchManagedEntities("HostSystem");  
   List<String> listHosts = new ArrayList<String>();   
   for( ManagedEntity me : hosts ) {  
       HostSystem host = (HostSystem) me;  
       //Adding the list of hosts in List  
  return listHosts;  

When I am executing as JAVA Application from STS its working fine without any warnings.

I copied JARS to server/pickup folder and tried to deploy the services in VIRGO.

It's throwing the following exception:

An Import-Package could not be resolved. Caused by missing constraint in bundle <com.xx.xxx.xxxx_1.0.0>  
             constraint: <Import-Package: com.vmware.vim25.mo; version="0.0.0">  
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It seems you forget to include the package com.vmware.vim25.mo in your MANIFEST.MF file. Check this file, the MANIFEST.MF should have a line importing this package.

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