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I think I have a very simple question because I can't find anybody who asked it before me. So I have mc1 and mc2. I want to do something like this:


instead of:


What is the correct form to do this??

another example how my code looks like now:

function playReverse(e:Event):void {
    if (mc1.currentFrame == 1) {
    } else {
    if (mc2.currentFrame == 1) {
    } else {


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The following should get you started:

var mcs:Array = [mc1, mc2, mc3, mc4];
for ( var i:int = 0, l:int = mcs.length; i < l; i++ ) {
    var mc:Movieclip = mcs[i] as MovieClip;
    if ( i == 0 ) mc.play(); // or watever condition you need to check...
    else mc.stop();

or you may also use for each:

for each ( var mc:MovieClip in mcs ) 
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