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Let's say I'd have this chain of calls:

var btn = $('#mybtn');

It's obvious that addClass is going to be called before text but when is btn.attr called? Just before text is called or before the entire chain?

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Running this:

<span id="mybtn" data-alt-active="Alternative text">Hello</span>

function aliasWrap(func, msg) {
    function _wrapped() {
        return func.apply(this, arguments);

    return _wrapped

$.fn._addClass = aliasWrap($.fn.addClass, 'addClass called');
$.fn._text = aliasWrap($.fn.text, 'text called');
$.fn._attr = aliasWrap($.fn.attr, 'attr called');

var o = $('#mybtn');


Outputs the following in console:

addClass called
attr called
text called

tl;dr; The function called inside the chained method call will be called just before the chained method is called.

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Here's the jsfiddle: jsfiddle.net/HV6tQ/1 –  antonagestam Oct 1 '13 at 15:16

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