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I am trying to get Typeahead.js 0.9.3 to work with jQuery 1.9.1 but to no avail.

When entering a value into #myinput, Typeahead does fire an ajax call. But instead of calling the specified remote url, Typeahead calls the url of the current page.

Here is my configuration (real values replaced):

  name: 'names',
  remote: '/myapp.cgi?q=%QUERY'

There are no errors logged to the Chrome console when the page is loading.

Best regards, Martin

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Do you have anything else acting on $('#myinput')? – Toby Oct 8 '13 at 10:45
Did you find the answer? – PH. Jan 7 '14 at 16:37

After a few hours of research I found why I was getting this error. Hope this helps.

I was using this jquery.ajaxQueue.js code on my website. This is a (really) old code to queue ajax requests (link here) and I had to change the line bellow:

$.ajax = function(settings) {


$.ajax = function(url, settings) {

Now it's working fine.

Basically you should look for other jQuery plugins that mess with default jQuery .ajax() function.

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