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Good day i'm trying to resolve a property in an angular js project. below is what i've done so far,

    templateUrl: 'partials/wizard.html',
    access: access.user,
    resolve: {
        categories: function ($http) {
                var cats=  ;
                var promise = $http({
                  method: 'GET',
                  url: '/categories',

                    console.log('Data successfully retrieved');

                    cats = data;

                    console.log('Couldn\'t fetch categories' )

                //categories =  
                //      [{"id":"1","category_name":"Testing"},
                //      {"id":"2","category_name":"Testing 2"},
                //      {"id":"3","category_name":"Testing 3"},
                //      {"id":"4","category_name":"Testing 4"}];
                return cats;



I'm trying to access the categories in my view i've already set the $scope.categories to be equal to a injected categories that was resolved

    <div class="pure-u-1-3">
                <label for="category">Project Category</label>
                  <select ng-model="project.category" ng-options="k as v for (k,v) in categories">
                  <option value="">-- Choose Category --</option>

I can't seem to figure what i'm doing wrong!

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cates = data; not sure that will fix it, but it is a type -o –  dm03514 Oct 1 '13 at 15:34
Thanks, thats a typo. Any ideas? –  Ayobami Opeyemi Oct 1 '13 at 15:40

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The categories property of resolve object should return a promise where as you are returns a array, that gets reassigned in the future.

The categories method should be written like

resolve {
   categories:function($http) {
     return $http({method: 'GET',url: '/categories'});

Then you would get the categories dependency in your controller.

If you look at your logic, it is reassinging the reference to cats after the http callback is complete, whereas the reference returned is to another object.

In any case better to return promise

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Thanks, i have abstracted it into a service and i return promises from the service. –  Ayobami Opeyemi Oct 2 '13 at 13:56

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