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I have a shared array which stores objects.

package A;
use threads;
use threads::shared;
our @LISTS;
use B;

my $obj = B->new();
my $shared_test = shared_clone($obj);
push(@A::LISTS, $shared_test);

I want to copy LISTS shared array to normal array.

I copied it into two arrays in another module and when i modified one array it is effecting to another array. Here is the code

my @test1 = @A::LISTS;
my @test2 = @A::LISTS;
print "value: ".$test1[0]->get_value()."\n";
print "value2: ".$test2[0]->get_value()."\n";
print "value1: ".$test1[0]->get_value()."\n";


value: 1
value2: 2
value1: 2

But i want @test1, @test2 arrays come out from shared. How can i do it?

I want output like

value: 1
value2: 2
value1: 1

Modified value should not effect to another array

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Sorry, I forgot to give expected output. edited post with expected output. –  kvysh Oct 1 '13 at 15:57

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In this case, sharing is a red herring. You'll see the same behavior if you omit it.

The elements of @A::LISTS are blessed references, and so are the elements in your copies of the array. So, $A::LISTS[0] points to some location in memory, and your copy in $test1[0] points to the same location — in other words, they hold the same object.

You'll need to make explicitly separate copies of your objects to achieve what you want:

use Clone qw(clone);

my @copies = map { clone($_) } @A::LISTS;
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Here i can not access $copies[0]->get_value(); value because it is storing into map. –  kvysh Oct 1 '13 at 16:30

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