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I am new to rails so sorry for stupid questions. I have created section of the website I am working on where the client can post news about their clients. In the entry view I collect title:string content:text and link:string. How do I render the link:string as an actual link in the show and index views.

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you're looking for the link_to helper. In your view you would do something like:

<%= link_to "some text", "" %>
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I am trying to render the data that was entered in the database as text. For instance, when adding a new news story, the client can add a link. The add the link by simply typing "html://" into the field that that gets submitted into the link:string column. Then when I display that link on the show.html.erb and the index.html.erb pages it shows up as a link. Does that make sense? – bgadoci Dec 16 '09 at 4:08
<%= link_to nil, %> – mckeed Dec 16 '09 at 4:21

You should be careful about taking user input without sanitizing it. You can open yourself up to XSS attacks and the like ( I would look at something like as part of your project.

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