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I'm hoping some one can help me out here, maybe give me an idea of what to look for. When I run the service generator on my discovery file I get the following output:

Generation Settings:
Output Directory: ~/Desktop/endpoints

Discovery RPC URL:
Api Log Dir: ~/Desktop/endpoints

  • Use service name directory: NO
  • Remove unknown files: NO
  • Add 'Generated' directory: NO
  • Allow rootURL overrides: YES Loading API File(s):
  • Fetching ~/Desktop/myendpoint-v1-rest.discovery ERROR: The api description doesn't appear to be a discovery rpc description Generating: Writing:
  • No changes from what is already on disk.

I tried running it both with the verbose flag and by giving it a directory to write logs in and neither gives me anymore information. I generated the endpoint using eclipse and the API works in the API explorer.

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ServiceGenerator needs a discovery file in rpc format instead of rest format. You can specify the format with the argument -f rpc

An example:

{your_path_to_appengine_sdk}/ get-discovery-doc -f rpc your.package.yourAPIclass

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Turns out I failed to notice that eclipse generated rest instead of rpc discovery files. You can find a work around here. Thanks @PaulR

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