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I have a couple of functions that i wrote that I need to use in my django app. Where would I put the file with them and how would i make them callable whithin my views?

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I usually put such app specific helper function in file utils.py and use someting like this

from myapp.utils import my_cool_func

def view_coolness(request):
    data = my_cool_func(request)
    return render_to_response("xxx.html")

but it depends what you helper does, may be they modify request , the could be part of middleware, so you need to tell what exactly those helper functions do

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It's generally a bad idea to mention the app in the code. Just doing from utils import my_cool_func should work without having to re-state the name of the app which you're already in. –  Peter Bengtsson Dec 18 '09 at 11:32
@Peter Bengtsson, may be but how do you import utils in a module in a package e.g. I have views folder with several view modules, and then middleware folders etc –  Anurag Uniyal Dec 18 '09 at 12:17
@PeterBengtsson, why is a bad idea? EDIT: oops, this is 2009 (I'm still curious though ) –  J. C. Leitão Aug 31 at 7:48
Wow 2009 was very different. Basically, if something can be said in less words, say it in less words. Also not being tied to the name is a good thing if you decide to rename it. –  Peter Bengtsson Aug 31 at 20:15

create a reusable app that include your generic functions so you can share between projects.

use for example a git repo to store this app and manage deployments and evolution (submodule)

use a public git repo so you can share with the community :)

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If they are related to a specific app, I usually just put them in the related app folder and name the file, 'functions.py'.

If they're not specific to an app, you could just make a 'functions' app folder and place them in there.

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I am using new python file service.py in app folder. The file contains mostly helper queries for specific app. Also I used to create a folder inside Django application that contains global helper functions and constants.

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