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Im on rails 4. I have an each block like this

blends.addons.each do |a|

Lets say I have a blend called "test" with three add-ons

I want to create a sentence in my blends show.html.erb that reads like this

A test blend with vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon

My code to form this sentence would be something like

A <%= blend.name %> blend with <%= blend.addons.each do |a| %><%= a.name+", " %><% end %>

That code will just print out the names of all the addons attached to the blend separated by commas. How would I make my each block add commas up until the last element, then print "and #{the last element}"? Or is an each block not the best way to go about it? Thanks.

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This is provided by an ActiveSupport method:

%w(Earth Wind Fire).to_sentence # => "Earth, Wind, and Fire"

You can configure it, see doc

In your case, I'd say:

%w(Earth Wind Fire).to_sentence(last_word_connector: ' and ')
# => "Earth, Wind and Fire"
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Of course rails has a method to make this easy! Love it. Thanks. –  oobie11 Oct 2 '13 at 16:36

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