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We're using google cloud storage as our CDN.

However, any visitors can list all files by typing:

How to disable it while all the files under the bucket is still public readable by default?

We previously set the acl using

gsutil defacl ch -g AllUsers:READ 
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Your defacl looks good. The problem is most likely that for some reason AllUsers must also have READ, WRITE, or FULL_CONTROL on the bucket itself. You can clear those with a command like this:

gsutil acl ch -d AllUsers gs://ourcdn
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Your command set the default object ACL on the bucket to READ, which means that objects will be accessible by anyone. To prevent users from listing the objects, you need to make sure users don't have an ACL on the bucket itself.

gsutil acl ch -d AllUsers gs://yourbucket

should accomplish this. You may need to run a similar command for AllAuthenticatedUsers; just take a look at the bucket ACL with

gsutil acl get gs://yourbucket

and it should be clear.

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