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Is it possible to make system call in Objective-C?

I have the following code:

if (!system("ls -l")) {
    NSLog(@"Successfully executed"); 
} else {
      NSLog(@"Error while executing the command"); 

How to get the output?


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This is a perfect candidate for using -[NSFileManager contentsOfDirectoryAtPath:error:] instead of wrapping a built-in shell function and parsing the output. For general-purpose commands where you need the output — and where there is no equivalent functionality "for free" in Cocoa (it just takes time to learn the available APIs) — NSTask is generally a far better alternative than system().

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You should use NSTask. If you just need the results of ls, there are more appropriate filesystem wrappers in Cocoa.

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If you like to do it the C way you can use popen. This can be used to read the output also. But the answers about using Objective-C solutions are probably the better ones.

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Objective-C does not prevent a program to invoque system() or any of its equivalents.

CocoaTouch does.

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