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Id' like to replace text with angle bracket as follows:

<p> <b id="docs-guid-785896d2-1" >Choose </span> <span style="font-size: 15px; ">barren</span> <span > passage.</span></b> </p>\r\n', <b id="docs-guid-785896d2-6" > <span >empty</span></b> </p>\r\n\r\n<div>&nbsp;</div>\r\n', '<p> <b id="docs-guid-785896d2-665" > <span >wheat</span></b> </p>\r\n'

all data is one line. and i tried to remove b-tag like "<b id="docs-guid-785896d2-1" > xxxx </b>" => xxxx

i used "<b id="docs-guid-(.*)" >(.*)</b>" & "\2" to remove that tag, but only one string founded (of all 3)...

could you somebody help me to find & replace all 3 pairs.. thanks in advance.

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Use the lazy version of (.*) by adding a question mark:

<b id="docs-guid-(.*?)" >(.*?)</b>
                    ^       ^

Otherwise you'll match too much and the replace will remove more than necessary.

Or better yet, use negated class for some more efficiency:

<b id="docs-guid-[^"]+" >(.*?)</b>

Here, replace by $1

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thank you so so much... It's solved.... –  Azura Oct 1 '13 at 21:22
@Azura You're welcome :) –  Jerry Oct 2 '13 at 3:48

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