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I don't know how to ask this question.

The video won't play in firefox in the apache server.

When I load the index.html outside my htdocs it works but when it's in my local apache server and my web server it doesn't play. So it has to do with the server.

I added mime types to the .htcaccess

I put flowplayer on the server and that works when it's accessing there videos. But when I use my videos .mp4 works. But .webM doesn't work fore firefox?

How do i trouble shoot this more? Is there a way i can print out what mime types is being sent? to try to narrow it down?

I used Media Element which works on firefox and safari on my server but when i tried to modify the video src it doesn't work in firefox.

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have you tried looking in the browsers network trace, or using something like Fiddler Fiddler2.com? –  Offbeatmammal Oct 4 '13 at 0:24
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