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My reason:

I'm a c# beginner and i want to know the correct way for develop a project.I feel that i'm not working in the right way because sometimes is really difficult to maintain my code...and i have to repeat some pieces of codes a lot in different forms.

What i do?

I created a few projects with database . My way is the following:

  • Research of what i want to do. Think of what should the application have and if it's useful for the user. After i have all the information (or almost all) then i begin the another step.

  • Design the database. (Here i think i have some experience and i have noticed that it's more easy for me), normally i normalize the database for separate the different objects.

  • Design the UI. I just throw the winforms controls and i make a different form for everything and then i make a mdi container that contain the forms.

  • Coding: Here is the worst part. I just use event programming...and for event programming i mean the default events that visual studio have for each control...then in every event i code what i need to do.


I have a mdi container if i clic x object it will open a form in the form i have buttons, datagrids, textboxes... and if i clic or do a y event it will do a z thing...sometimes i make some extra classes and used in the project.

My Questions:

I know the basics of oop programming but i don't really know how to manage this with my "event programming".

I have read about ui patterns and how separate the visual,the code and the database but i am
really knew. Should i begin using this ui pattern (three layer architecture)?

My way for design my projects are ok (i really thing that something have to be wrong but i'm a rookie and English is not my native language so it's pretty difficult research for information if i really don't know what specific thing i should research.

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This may do better at – Bit Oct 1 '13 at 21:00
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If you are a beginner, I'd recommend not writing a 3 layer app first, write it with 2 layers. Most people on their first app write a middle tier with nothing in it (except delegating method calls to the other tier). If and when you start doing automated unit tests, then the value of a middle tier becomes apparent. – MatthewMartin Oct 1 '13 at 21:12
Like others here, I have to vote to close this as too broad and too subjective. However, do please re-ask it at Programming is hard, programming "the right way" is harder, but by wanting to do it right and being prepared to learn, you stand a much better chance than most of becoming a good programmer who can do it right. – David Arno Oct 1 '13 at 21:12
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A really clean, maintainable, scalable and professional way to design the interaction between the UI and the Business Logic is The MVVM Pattern

(Un?)fortunately, winforms doesn't support that, therefore you will have to consider updating to newer, relevant, XAML-based .Net UI technologies such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

WPF is the replacement for winforms and it brings a high level of customizability and scalability to your Windows Applications, by including:

Amongst many other features that allow you to create a much better User Experience, and more professional-looking UIs such as Animations, Vector graphics, Hardware Acceleration, etc.

I strongly suggest you research these technologies and patterns and move away from the traditional, really limited, too-much-code-for-everything event based winforms approach.

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Although you are not coding "the right way"- you are really "in the right way" by sensing that something is wrong and by the will to research.

I think a good way to start is buy learning MVC or MVVN architecture. find it here with some code that makes it clear. Try working with "commands" from you UI- if you understand events you will do great.

Next, Try making your code simple, and without repeating your code (as much as you can).

And for last, remember there is no best way . but if you want to be better - go with the conventions.

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