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I have a class that I am extending with another class name (that contains more specific changes). For some reason the original rule is not being overwritten in IE9 and IE10, but it works in every other browser including IE8!? The style sheet containing the overriding class (style) is also referenced after the the stylesheet where the original class is located.

The original class is: .panel:after { content: "" , etc...}

The new class is: .panel.sales-tip:after { content: "\E006", etc... }

Internet Explorer Web Inspector: The web inspector shows the following information. Why does are both classes seemingly disabled but when I unchecked the ".panel:after" the other style then works, and does it thing. Any ideas? Thanks!

enter image description here

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Just so you know, there is a difference between content:""; and content:none; stackoverflow.com/questions/19106066/… –  Josh Crozier Oct 1 '13 at 21:13
Are IE 9 and 10 slipping into IE 7 document mode? You can check by opening the Developer Tools. Here’s a screenshot that shows where the document mode is indicated: i.stack.imgur.com/CwYVL.png. If the browsers are going into IE 7 mode, the ::beforeand ::after rules wouldn’t work. –  Paul D. Waite Oct 1 '13 at 21:16
@PaulD.Waite, I just double checked and even in both "Document: IE10" & "Document Mode: Standards" and "Document Mode: IE9" & "Document Mode: IE9 Standards", it's doing the same thing. Oddly enough in IE8 Document Mode, and IE8 Standards, everything works as it should. –  listao Oct 1 '13 at 21:19
@leetou: gotcha. That is odd — I can only imagine that you’ve got some other rule with ::before or ::after in it that’s overriding the ones you’ve includes, and that it uses a CSS selector not supported by IE 8 (or is inside a media query — IE 8 doesn’t support those either). Although I assume the developer tools don’t indicate such a rule? –  Paul D. Waite Oct 1 '13 at 21:22

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I found out that it was because I had this rule — font-size: 0px — in my .panel:after declaration, and it wasn't being overridden by the new font-size: 2.2em rule in the .panel.sales-tip:after declaration.

I ended using a fixed size of font-size: 35px in the .panel.sales-tip:after declaration.

I'm glad that fixed the problem, but does anybody know why it wouldn't override? Just curious. Thanks!

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Aha, well worked-out. That is odd. I guess it’s an IE 9/10 bug. I’m not quite clear why you need a font-size:0px in the first class though. –  Paul D. Waite Oct 1 '13 at 21:53
@PaulD.Waite, Yes, looking back I'm not sure why I did either :S...since that pseudo element was just there to create a CSS triangle. –  listao Oct 1 '13 at 22:43

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