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I'm developing a plugin for wordpress, the parameter of the $ _GET is recorded in the database according to the preference of the User via the Wordpress Admin Panel. The following validation has to be via the $ _GET, this is the function:

$db_url = get_option('my_get_url');
// returns the value of the database entered by User
// on this case return -->  page=nosupport

$url_explode = explode("=", $db_url);
$url_before = $url_explode[0]; // --> page
$url_after = $url_explode[1]; // --> nosupport

echo "Before: ".$url_before; // here are ok, return --> page
echo "After: ".$url_after; // here are ok, return --> nosupport

My problem is here:

// here $_GET no have any value, dont work on validate...
if($_GET[$url_before] != ""){ 
        // my function goes here...

I using for test the parameter:

echo $_GET[$url_before];

But dont return any value...

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$_GET['$url_before'] != $_GET[$url_before], lose the quotes. –  Wrikken Oct 1 '13 at 21:22
Aside from the quotes thing, he did say that the unquoted version still returned nothing –  Sterling Archer Oct 1 '13 at 21:23
you might want to check what is in the whole $_GET array just in case $url_before is set incorrectly.. –  gloomy.penguin Oct 1 '13 at 21:37

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I found the problem, i had already tested all of these options, but ever dont working, the problem was that I was testing the function inside the main page of my site, and on the main page ( does not get the parameter (?page=nossuport), so always returning null values​​, when I used the variable in the GET or used the echo $GET[$my_var] to test.. It was a great carelessness of mine, would never work...

by the way, the two parameters works correctly:


The Problem are solved, Thanks for help.

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if($_GET[$url_before] != ""){ 
    if($_GET[$url_before]=="nosupport"){ // note no "" here
        // my function goes here...

In your solution, the key was treated as a string, with no variables evaluated.

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You forgot to take out the ' in the second condition.

You wrote:


I'm guessing it should be:

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