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I'm trying to add a filter condition to a text search command against a MongoDB collection. I can successfully run the command in MongoLab, but I'm having trouble getting the correct syntax to execute the command via MongoDB C# driver.

The following returns all records matching the search condition but ignores the filter condition:

var textSearchCommand = new CommandDocument
    {"text", "Post"},
    {"search", "motorcycle"},
    {"filter", @"{""Type"":1}"}

var commandResult = this.Collection.Database.RunCommand(textSearchCommand);

Anyone know what I'm doing incorrectly?

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Correct syntax:

var filter = Query.EQ("Type", 1);
var textSearchCommand = new CommandDocument
    {"text", this.Collection.Name},
    {"search", searchString},
    {"filter", BsonValue.Create(filter)}

var commandResult = this.Collection.Database.RunCommand(textSearchCommand);
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