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I'm trying to implement a BLE connection between android device and another device with BLE part(which is custom-built). However the message transmitting often went wrong when I tried to write a shake-hand string "234" to the device. As the official samples given by google is too general for me, I wonder if any of u has the experience on BLE connection and transmitting, pls offer some help, also some sample code will be nice too. Many thx.

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Android must act as a Central. A good example code is on GitHub illustrates how to connect to the TI KeyFob peripheral. It uses the 4.3 Android BTLE API. The gist of the Bluetooth communication is in BluetoothLeService.java

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Thx, I'll try it. –  Stan666 Oct 7 '13 at 0:30
Hey @barbazoo- can you please assist me ,how we can scan the BLE device .Actually I have gone through the sample api provided by developer android and also by GITHUB but unable to get any output,not even able to get the scan result. –  Khanna Sep 17 at 6:37
First I recommend an app to test your hardware - for example Nordic's NRF Master Control app in the Google Play store. Bluetooth LE Scanner by Alexandros Schillings is also good. Once your phone is proved to be OK, move on to testing through the API. –  barbazoo Sep 21 at 22:30

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