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Is it possible to draw box plots using the rCharts package? I've not been able to find documentation on the allowable inputs to the type parameter in the rPlot function (which is the polychart library). I've tried 'boxplot, 'boxPlot', bwPlot'...

Edit: searching through the javascript it looks like only the hPlot (highcharts) library supports boxplots, is this true?

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Polycharts does support boxplots, but they look ugly by default :)

data(tips, package = 'reshape2')
p3 <- rPlot(x = 'day', y = 'box(tip)', data = tips, type = 'box')

You might need to tweak a few options on the width of the box lines to make it prettier and bring it up to ggplot2 standards.

Hope this helps.

enter image description here

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why the box() for the y-axis? –  Atieh Dec 5 '14 at 2:36

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