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The title says everything. I currently have a model concern with which I'm setting if a model can have attachments or not using include Attachable. So far so good.

Then, when I display the list of files attached to a particular model, I'm adding a link to delete it such as :

DELETE /posts/:post_id/attachments/:id(.:format)      attachments#destroy

For that purpose, I created an AttachmentsController with a destroy method. So I have 2 problems here. The first, how can I delete a file from this controller using Carrierwave (for delete the file itself and the table record)? Second, since my attachable behavior gonna be plug in several model :

DELETE /posts/:post_id/attachments/:id(.:format)      attachments#destroy
DELETE /users/:user_id/attachments/:id(.:format)      attachments#destroy

How can I do in my AttachmentsController to delete a file depending on the associated model dynamically?

class Attachment < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Sluggable

  belongs_to :attachable, polymorphic: true
  mount_uploader :file, AttachmentUploader

  validates :name, presence: true, if: :file?
  validates :file, presence: true, if: :name?

class AttachmentsController < ApplicationController
  before_action :authenticate_user!

  def destroy
    // Don't know how to remove that file
    redirect_to :back
  rescue ActionController::RedirectBackError
    redirect_to root_path

Hope I was clear.


Ok I create a tweak on the params hash in order to get the associated object dynamically within AttachmentsController :

  def get_attachable_model
    params.each do |name, value|
      if name =~ /(.+)_id$/
        model = name.match(/([^\/.]*)_id$/)
        return model[1].classify.constantize
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Ok I finally found a solution myself. Here is my destroy method from AttachmentsController :

def destroy
  model, param = get_attachable_instance
  model_attach = model.find_by slug: params[param.to_sym]
  file         = model_attach.attachments.find_by slug: params[:id]

  redirect_to :back
rescue ActionController::RedirectBackError
  redirect_to root_path

Not sure if it's the best way to go, but it does works

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