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Given an arbitrary Class object, what is the best way to determine the subtypes of that class registered with Jackson?

For example, here's a simple case where classes Lion and Penguin are subtypes of Animal:

@JsonTypeInfo(use = JsonTypeInfo.Id.NAME)
public static abstract class Animal {}

public static class Lion extends Animal {}

public static class Penguin extends Animal {}

My dream function would look like:

List<Class> getSubTypeClasses(Class c) {...}

where getSubTypeClasses(Animal.class) would return Lion and Penguin.

If the Jackson API doesn't provide a convenient way to get this information I will read the annotations manually, but it would be nice to know of a technique compatible with any AnnotationIntrospector implementation.

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There is currently no mechanism for doing that. But you could file a request for adding something like this: given a base class, return a set of known sub-types along with type ids used for them, and the default implementation use. This seems like a reasonable thing to provide access for.

In the meantime (new feature could be available for 2.3, so it'd take some time), have a look at AnnotationIntrospector and see what methdods are available there, and how jackson-databind uses it to build mapping information. You should not have to write all of that manually, even without accessor.

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Instead of ai.findSubTypes(ac) you may use mapper.getSubtypeResolver().collectAndResolveSubtypes(ac, config, ai). I've not tested it with registered subtypes but looking at the code it should work.

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Just confirmed this approach works with registered subtypes. Thanks! – dnault Dec 19 '13 at 4:00

Thanks to StaxMan for nudging me in the right direction. Here's a solution for Jaxen 2.2.3:

public static List<Class> getSubtypeClasses(ObjectMapper mapper, Class c) {
    return getSubtypeClasses(mapper.getDeserializationConfig(), c);

public static List<Class> getSubtypeClasses(MapperConfig config, Class c) {
    AnnotationIntrospector ai = config.getAnnotationIntrospector();
    AnnotatedClass ac = AnnotatedClass.constructWithoutSuperTypes(c, ai, config);
    List<NamedType> subtypes = ai.findSubtypes(ac);

    List<Class> result = new ArrayList<>();

    if (subtypes != null) {
        for (NamedType subtype : subtypes) {

    return result;
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Just discovered this "solution" doesn't recognize classes registered via ObjectMapper.registerSubtypes() :-( – dnault Oct 23 '13 at 23:32

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