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I was using ANTS Profiler 4 and started it without admin rights in Vista. The app threw a dialog box asking whether I want to create a manifest file so that the application always launches with admin rights (it needs it to function fully).

How would a manifest file look like? Will it persist something like "AdminRights = true", which means launch with admin rights, so everytimne the application opens, it will look at this file and if the value is "AdminRights = true", as above, then launch with admin rights (a function dependent on the Windows SDK? Please correct).

How would this work? What code/file structure is involved? Thanks.

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You can let ANTS Profiler generates a sample for you.

Manifest file is very useful on Windows Vista and 7.

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Great link, thanks. –  dotnetdev Dec 16 '09 at 7:28

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