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I have a similar question to this post: unsafe link in angular

But adding "javascript" what was proposed in the answer didn't resolve my problem: $compileProvider.urlSanitizationWhitelist(/^\s*(https?|ftp|mailto|file|javascript):/);

My code looks something like:

<a ng-href="{{var1 ? '/home' : 'javascript: void(0);'}}" ng-bind="var2"></a>

But in the url, it produces an unsafe:javascript: void(0);

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Is this problem associated with a specific browser and what version of AngularJS are you using? –  John P Oct 2 '13 at 5:01

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There must be some error in your code then. You can see it working just fine in this plunker:


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I assume you use the latest version of AngularJS. The method name has been changed since that SO answer.


Demo link.

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