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I am working in Flex.

I have an arraycollection which is used to fill a tilelist with images.

I am using filter method of arraycollection to filter out certain images from tilelist based on a selected value from combobox.

The issue is that when the images are filtered out they just vanish suddenly.
But I want to give some effect to them when they are filtered out, say slow fade effect or zoom effect. I tried removedEffect, hideEffect etc. but in vain.

Can anyone please help me out. thanks.

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You need to add effects to the TileList, you can see some examples at Using data effects article.

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thanks for reply. I tried the example u gave but it is not working in my case. my tilelist's dataprovider (arraycollection) is getting dynamically filtered and the images thus rendered vanishes out abruptly without any effect. any idea? –  Prashant Dec 16 '09 at 12:02
If I remember well, this indeed didn't work with filtering, I've used it a long time ago, but I think what we did finally was manually add/delete items form the dataProvider. –  Robert Bak Dec 16 '09 at 13:49

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