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I am trying to convert a series of images to video on Android. I have successfully built Guardian Project. Now when I try to run this command

/data/data/com.mobvcasting.mjpegffmpeg/ffmpeg -r 4 -i /mnt/sdcard/RAS/img/file%03d.bmp -r /mnt/sdcard/RAS/img/demoFile.mp4"

i get an error saying

10-02 05:48:35.247: V/PROJECT_NAME(13972): ***/mnt/sdcard/RAS/img/file%03d.bmp: No such file or directory***

I have images at /mnt/sdcard/RAS/img/ directory starting from file000.bmp.

I even tried changing my command to

/data/data/com.mobvcasting.mjpegffmpeg/ffmpeg -r 4 -i /mnt/sdcard/RAS/img/file000.bmp -r /mnt/sdcard/RAS/img/demoFile.mp4"

to get the same error again.

Also, it is able to recognize /mnt/sdcard/RAS/img/ as a directory. What can I change to get rid of the error message? Thanks!

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Have you got the solution of that problem. If yes please share. –  mark Feb 15 '14 at 5:09

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