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Which way is more idiomatic to use Nullable<'a> or to use Option<'a> for representing a nullable int?

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Option is far more idiomatic in F# code.

It has far nicer syntax when used in match and has large amounts of support from the standard library.

However, if you plan to access the code from C# or some other language you should probably expose the interface with Nullable which is easier to use in C#.

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As John said, Option<T> is definitely more idiomatic type in F#. I would certainly use options as my default choice - the Option module provides many useful functions, pattern matching works nicely on options and F# libraries are generally designed to work with options.

That said, there are two cases when you might want to use nullable:

  • When creating arrays of optional values - Nullable<T> is a value type (sort of) and if you create an array Nullable<T>[] then it is allocated as continuous memory block. On the other hand options are reference types and option<T>[] will be an array of references to heap-allocated objects.

  • When you need to write some calculations and propagate missing values - in F# 3.0, there is a module Microsoft.FSharp.Linq.NullableOperators which implements various operators for dealing with nullable values (see MSDN documentation) which lets you write e.g.:

    let one = Nullable(1)
    let two = Nullable(2)
    // Add constant to nullable, then compare value of two nullables
    (one ?+ 2) ?>=? two
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Actually, you can trivially define the equivalent Microsoft.FSharp.Linq.OptionOperators that will do the same for Options, so that's one less reason –  Gustavo Guerra Oct 2 '13 at 9:47
You do need to use Nullables when you're using a LINQ query over IQueryable, as it will translate nullables properly but not options. I think that's probably the reason Freebase uses nullables instead of options –  Gustavo Guerra Oct 2 '13 at 9:48

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