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I feel a little stupid asking this, but the "Debug"-menu in my Visual Studio installation has disappeared. It supposed to be between the "Build" and "Tools" menu, but it is simply not there. Restarting VS doesn't help. Also tried looking for a way to customize the menus, but no success.

Any ideas where it went, and how I can get it back?

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Right click on your menu -> Customize -> Select Menu Bar -> Click Reset button

alt text

And make sure you're in debug mode :)

If this doesn't help try Tools menu -> Import and Export Settings -> Reset all settings

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Under the "Rearrange Commands" dialog, I can select different menus to customize and reset, but there is no Debug menu to select. Its as if the debug menu has been erased completely. –  JesperE Dec 16 '09 at 10:55
Aha. Thanks. I didn't think of the menu bar as being a toolbar, so I never looked under the "Toolbars" tab. Thanks! –  JesperE Dec 17 '09 at 8:20

Inside the build menu drop down you will see the "Start Debug" submenu, you can start debugging by clicking "go" inside it. Or else you can press "F5" to start the debugging to see the Debug toolbar please follow the procedure given by Nokola.

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[VS2015] - During reseting be sure to choose 'General' preset. If you choose for example web dev code only it still would be invisible.

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