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I have this input tag in my html :

<input id="g_name" name="g_name" type="text" readonly/>

With the following code attached to a touch event on another element:

var el = document.getElementById('g_name');
el.value = 'test string';     // set an initial value
el.readOnly = false;          // disengage readonly
el.focus();                   // set focus

When I compile through xcode to iphone 4s with IOS 6.0.1, the input element gets focus, and the soft keyboard pops up, but I am unable to edit the field. How do I disengage readonly? Thanks!

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<input id="g_name" name="g_name" type="text" readonly="readonly"/>
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Tried that! same result. I also programmatically set readOnly to true prior to the event with the same result. –  tnt-rox Oct 2 '13 at 7:09
var el = document.getElementById('g_name');
el.value = 'test string';
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thanks i hadn't tried that, but sadly it produces the same result. –  tnt-rox Oct 2 '13 at 10:39

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