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I use a UITableView with custom cells. Each cell has the accessory set to DisclosureIndicator. When I am in portrait mode it's fine. When I rotate and go in landscape mode then the accessory is twice there: at the portrait position, and at the landscape position. I also checked the cell subviews and when I am in landscape the UIButton for the accessory is twice.

Anybody else encountered this issue? Any idea to fix it?

So to sum it up this is what we have:

A UITableView that has a data source and uses some custom cells. These cells don't do much they only contain a UILabel which displays the document name.

In portrait mode we have:

Document 1           >

Document 2           >

Document 3           >

In lanscape mode we get:

Document 1           >           >

Document 2           >           >

Document 3           >           >

Our table source (please note that this is C#):

public class DocumentTableSource : MvxSimpleTableViewSource
    public DocumentTableSource(UITableView tableView) : base(tableView, typeof(DocumentTableCell), null)

    public override float GetHeightForRow(UITableView tableView, NSIndexPath indexPath)
        return DocumentTableCell.GetCellHeight();

Our custom cell (please note that this is C#):

public class DocumentTableCell : MvxTableViewCell
    public const int CELL_HEIGHT = 44;
    public static NSString Key = new NSString("DocumentTableCell");
    private bool initialized;
    private UILabel lblDoc;

    public DocumentTableCell(IntPtr handle) : base(handle)
        Accessory = UITableViewCellAccessory.DisclosureIndicator;
        lblDoc = new UILabel() {TextColor = AppearanceSettings.ColorDefault};
        this.DelayBind(() =>
            var set = this.CreateBindingSet<DocumentTableCell, Document>();
            set.Bind(lblDoc).To(p => p.Name);

    public static float GetCellHeight()
        return CELL_HEIGHT;

    public override void UpdateConstraints()

        if (!initialized)

                lblDoc.AtBottomOf(ContentView, 6),
                lblDoc.AtLeftOf(ContentView, AppearanceSettings.HORIZONTAL_MARGIN)
            initialized = true;
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Please show the relevant code. It will be a lot easier to help out. – matsr Oct 2 '13 at 6:53
Hi @matsr, in fact the code is written in C# with MonoTouch that's why I want to avoid posting it. I will get much more feedback if it's in the Objective C section. And in fact MonoTouch is just bindings on top of iOS native methods. I added more comments to my initial question, I hope it will help to find out what is going on. – Fabien Oct 2 '13 at 8:15
I will also add the MonoTouch code as soon as possible. – Fabien Oct 2 '13 at 8:37
Show us where Accessoryis used in your base class (MvxTableViewCell), check out methods that are called on interface orientation change, such as LayoutSubViews. – onreachable Oct 2 '13 at 19:10

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