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I want to adapt jquery-file-upload http://blueimp.github.io/jQuery-File-Upload/ to use like user profile image uploader,

1- only upload one image - you can restrict whit: maxNumberOfFiles: 1, but when try to add another image it lets you do that and show: Error Maximum number of files exceeded

2- edit image - upload another image and replace the preview

or please suggest another plugin to accomplish user profile image upload, regards.

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whit the demo html and $('#fileupload').fileupload({ url: '/admin/upload_image/', maxNumberOfFiles: 1, autoUpload:true }); – dpineda Oct 2 '13 at 7:00
@TusharGupta how difficult can be adapt to something like this: jasny.github.io/bootstrap/javascript.html#fileupload – dpineda Oct 3 '13 at 5:58
I'm here so far .bind('fileuploaddone', function (e, data) { var d = data; var src = d._response.result.files[0].thumbnailUrl; $("#preview-company-img").attr("src",src); setTimeout(function(){$( "[data-type='DELETE']" .click();},500); }); whit another preview image <img id="preview-company-img"/> I'm trying to reset the files to 0 so always upload only one also hide the template <tr style="display:none" class="template-download fade"> to prevent the flash. – dpineda Oct 4 '13 at 4:52
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I was taking a bad approach, jquery-file upload allows you to send extra fields in this case user id so an independ form only to upload the image every time it select one autoUpload:true remove the normal preview list and make custom preview on fileuploaddone for only one image.

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