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I have a DataGrid in my WPF application as below.

<DataGrid Name="stDataGrid" AutoGenerateColumns="False">
        <DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Edit" CanUserResize="False" Width="SizeToHeader">
                    <Button" Click="btnEdit_Click">
                            <Image Source="images/edit.png"/>
        <DataGridTextColumn Binding="{Binding Path=Name}" Header="Name" IsReadOnly="True"></DataGridTextColumn>
        <DataGridTextColumn Binding="{Binding Path=Age}" Header="Age" IsReadOnly="True"></DataGridTextColumn>
        <DataGridTextColumn Binding="{Binding Path=Sex}" Header="Sex" IsReadOnly="True"></DataGridTextColumn>

Binding data into DataGrid like this.

using (var context = new CLASS_DBEntities())
var query = from s in context.STUDENT
            orderby s.STUDENT_NAME
            select new {s.STUDENT_ID, Name = s.STUDENT_NAME, Age = s.STUDENT_AGE, 
                        Sex = s.STUDENT_SEX};

stDataGrid.ItemsSource = query.ToList();

When user click Button in DataGrid, I need to get STUDENT_ID value. How can i do this ?

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Set an attached property of the same type as student_id on your button and bind it relativly to the datacontext.student_id of the DataGridRow control which should be the parent to all yours cells in a row.

Once you enter btnEdit_Click method just read out the value from your attached property.

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Thanks for your answer. Can you explain this more using example. i'm new to wpf. so i can't understand this clearly. – Bishan Oct 2 '13 at 8:30
Attached properties is a wpf concept allowing a control eg button to be extended. Thats how you can tell your button you have a property called student_id. And when you click on your button you simply read out the value from the attached property. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms749011.aspx – dev hedgehog Oct 2 '13 at 8:47

Finally found answer by myself.

in btnEdit_Click method,

dynamic customerRow = stDataGrid.SelectedItem;
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