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I need to pass in the selector a hidden field to a javascript function.

This is my function

function deleteAttachments(id,selector){
            $('#proof' + id).remove();
            //show warning about save
            var tmp = selector.val();
            var sep = "";
            if (tmp != "")
                sep = ",";
            selector.val(tmp + sep + id);

The above function call is inside the following method,

 function listAttachments(proofs,selector,hiddenField,after){

            var rows = "<table width=\"70%\">";
            for(var i=0; i<proofs.length; i++) {
                var proof = proofs[i];
                rows += "<tr id=\"proof" + proof["ID"] + "\" width=\"40%\">"
                rows += "<td><input type=\"hidden\" value=\"" + proof["filename"] + "\" id=\"Proof" + i + "\" />Uploaded: " + proof["uploaded"] + "</td>"
                rows += "<td width=\"90px\"><input type=\"button\" value=\"View...\" onclick=\"viewProof('" + proof["URL"] + "'); \" id=\"btnProof" + i + "\" class=\"btn\"></td>"
                rows += "<td width=\"90px\"><input type=\"button\" value=\"Delete\" id=\"btnDelete" + i + "\" onclick=\"deleteAttachments(" + proof["ID"] + "," + hiddenField + ");\" class=\"btn\"/></td></tr>";
            rows += "</table>";

Please find the listAttachments function calls (I am using and tried different ways) below,



listAttachments(visualIds,$('#tblProofs'),$('#' + <%= hidDeletedAttachments.ID%>'),true)

When this is rendered the deleteAttachments function accepts the argument as an object (as displayed in the image below).

My question is how I can pass the selector to the function and use it with in the calling function.

enter image description here

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Usualy I pass to functions selectors 'id', and make 'selector' inside function. Try pass arguments to function, and make selector inside function (depending on that arguments). – zchpit Oct 2 '13 at 7:54
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You are not passing the selector, you are passing a collection of elements that match the selector.

Instead of passing the hiddenField to listAttachments, pass the hiddenField id.

listAttachments(visualIds,$('#tblProofs'), 'hidDeletedAttachments'),true)

Then create the object in the deleteAttachment function

function deleteAttachments(id,hiddenFieldId){
        var selector = $('#' + hiddenFieldId);
        $('#proof' + id).remove();
        //show warning about save
        var tmp = selector.val();
        var sep = "";
        if (tmp != "")
            sep = ",";
        selector.val(tmp + sep + id);
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