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I wanted to know if anyone could provide more insight into the design style of the following website:

I'd like how certain elements remain fixed, while others are responsive, and appear behind layers etc.

Basically I would like to learn more about this style of layout, what it's called, and I wanted to know if anyone could provide me with some links to online resources that go a little further into similar designs.

Any information would be very very appreciated.

Thank you!

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seems like a wise use of bootstrap classes and use several images, use firebug to dig more; you can learn about boostrap here [latest 3.0.0] and – Vinod Louis Oct 2 '13 at 9:12
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It is known as Parallax Scrolling effect. There are many tutorials about it. Just try to use the web search with this keywords.

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You seem to be looking for details about layout style called parallax:

There are js libraries like jQuery.parallax and parallax.js that may help you developing such a site.

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