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I have, of course, tried Google/Bing and have found one or two classifications for specific industries, but nothing general. The sort of thing I'm looking for is: General Office Tools -> Wordprocessing -> Word Utilities -> File Management -> Compression -> Winzip

Waht I am after is a Standar that has been issued by some organization, or is used my a number of different parties - not just a classification a single org is using.

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Sourceforge has a software map.

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At least this is comprehensive - but has many odd classifications. (e.g. Word Processing is under Text Editors, not Office/Business). The structure looks like it grew organically rather than planned - and is certainly not a standard. – Gary A Dec 16 '09 at 10:01

There is also a list on the Wikipedia article for Software Application.

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I saw this, but this isn't a well thought out list and certainly isn't a standard. – Gary A Dec 16 '09 at 9:53

UNSPSC or eClass are two competing standards for taxonomy. (Software is just a sub category)

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sourceforge has a taxonomy (categories) that projects are filed under.

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SourceForge calls its categories "Trove categories", which suggests that they are not the only ones using it, but I could find little to no information about this system.

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Also not an official standard, but possibly more consistently applied, is dmoz's software category.

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