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I have a treeview which is bound to an observablecollection via HierarchicalDataTemplate. I cant seem to find any treeview functionality that provides me notifications that at any level a new treeviewitem was added.

I know that i can bubble item addition notification to my model's root and raise property changes which can be handled, but I'm trying to find a way doing so by my view without adding this functionality to the model/view-model.

Thanks, Oren.

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You are already using an Observable Collection, which notifies when the collection is changed - so hook into this event rather than into the treeview, which is also an observer of the same collection.

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Thanks for the quick answer. The thing is that the ObservableCollection may recursively have child ObservableCollections - therefore i need to know whether at any level any of the collections was updated. – Oren Dec 16 '09 at 9:49

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