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Hey I was wondering if anyone has used the Phone and Maps app icons in their app as links to these other apps?

Ie: I have the phone app icon as a button which when taped closes my app and starts the phone app...

is this allowed by apple?


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Well, I wouldn't use the exact same icon (if that's what you mean)... From a UI point-of-view, I can't think of any place in an iPhone app where a button would look like an app icon. –  Steve Harrison Dec 16 '09 at 9:46
This isn't really programming related, because it has to do with copyright and Apple's policies for iPhone applications. –  Brad Larson Dec 16 '09 at 13:30

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This really has nothing to do with programming...

But since you asked - this is not allowed by Apple. Your app will be rejected if the reviewer sees Apple created icons used within your app. And like Steve Harrison said, has the potential of being awfully confusing to your users...

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This is odd, because Apple encourages (in their UI guidelines) the use of Apple's application (and other built-in) icons where appropriate within third-party applications on desktop Mac OS X. –  eyelidlessness Dec 16 '09 at 22:31
Here's some evidence of the claim (Microsoft encourages same, see link): episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/6330927813/m/… –  eyelidlessness Dec 16 '09 at 22:33

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