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I have a problem with my fancy box. when I click on a link, the fancy box gets the content but doesn't show the lightbox and jumps to a page that I supposed to get its returned content via Ajax.


<a class="butt red medium fancybox" href="http://localhost/food/index.php/food/ajaxExtras?foodId=412">سفارش </a>

JS :


My Result : enter image description here

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from your shapshots, i can say that you havnt added the plugin files for fancy box .

here are the links for jquery fancy box plugins.just add them in between your header tags




kindly see the demo in http://fancybox.net/ for further info

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I'm not that amateur. – Ramin Omrani Oct 2 '13 at 10:21
this is an optional script and doesn't affect the proccess – Ramin Omrani Oct 2 '13 at 10:24
ok bro...my apologies – saikumar.tammisetty Oct 2 '13 at 10:28

If you are opening an external page you may need to set the type of content, either using an API option like

    type: "ajax" // or "iframe"

or using the HTML5 data-fancybox-type attribute in your link like

<a data-fancybox-type="ajax" class="butt red medium fancybox" href="http://localhost/food/index.php/food/ajaxExtras?foodId=412">سفارش </a>

Please notice that most ajax calls require to be tested in a server environment and may not work in localhost.

Also make sure you are wrapping your fancybox script code inside the .ready() method.

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