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I am currently using CakePHP 1.3( to be upgraded at the end of the year). In addition to admin routing, I am using ACL. This is because the admin functionality will be different from the normal case. Access to the admin actions is restricted to the admin group.

I am noticing extremely slow speeds upon initially accessing admin actions. When I first hit an admin page, I see times of up to 10s which is very alarming. Caching kicks in upon revisiting the same page so I don't think it has much to do with caching.

I have tried all suggestions I came accross, setting recursive to -1, using containable and selecting only needed fields. Even for simple functionality like paginating on a single model is extremely slow. I have two route connections in my routes configuration, one for home and one for admin routing.

I should also add that normal actions are fast enough, mostly under 1s.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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