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I´m getting the errno 104 in the Google App Engine Logs, every time i do a specific operation in my web app deployed in GAE.

It happens in a JSP page, that is used to show the results based on some filters that the user can select anytime. I use display-tag library to show the result as well as its export property to get the results in an excell file. I also use pagination on the display tag table and everything seems to work fine with it.

The issue is that when i try to export or get a certain number of results, lets say 1500 results which aren't that much, i get the 104 errno in the logs, because the operation takes more than 60sec... I tryed to get rid of everything on that JSP file but the display tag table, and i still get the same problem.

I am also using Google SQL, with the D2 "per use" package, Could an upgrade in GSQL solve the problem? because it always happens when i try to get a "large" amount of results (meaning by large amount of results more than 1000). The SQL Query is quite complex in some cases but it also happens when i do a simple "SELECT * FROM whateverTable".

To give you more info about my web app, it uses spring as well... and the app engine dashboard doesn't get to the limit of usage anytime... i´m getting frustrated with this, any help will be more than appreciated...


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What takes more than 60 seconds: database query or the rest of your code? –  Peter Knego Oct 2 '13 at 12:37
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