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I am using Postgresql with full test search with english dict. When I want to receive records with some english words I get verid results.

And so:

SELECT id FROM table1 WHERE ts_vector1 @@ to_tsquery('it')

returns 0 results.

SELECT id FROM table1 WHERE ts_vector1 @@ to_tsquery('specialist & it')

returns more than 0 results (word 'it' exists in table and index). ts_vector1 is created as follow:

ts_vector1 = to_tsvector('english', some_text_column)

Is 'it' a reserved word? If so, what is the best way to 'escape' reserved words?

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'It' is ignored as a stop word, per the relevant docs:


In the example above we see that the resulting tsvector does not contain the words a, on, or it, the word rats became rat, and the punctuation sign - was ignored.

You can change the list of stop words by configuring the needed dictionaries:


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