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I am getting error :

WINDOWS.H already included.  MFC apps must not #include <windows.h>

Help needed.

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Compiling C++ code may result in really crazy strange error messages that nobody can understand, but my award goes to you for not understanding a really, really clear error message. On the other hand, if you did understand the error message, you should have written in this question what you already did to solve the error, otherwise it's really generic. –  OregonGhost Dec 16 '09 at 9:53

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Remove the second inclusion, from (presumably) your code. Here is a MSDN forum thread about the problem, it seems it can also depend on your exact inclusion order.

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Using the /showIncludes preprocessor directive, the output window will display all the includes before the error. There you can find which file erroneously includes windows.h.

Then find out why this file is needed.

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Sometimes, the best way to fix errors is to do as the error message says.

Just a thought.

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If you use MFC, do not use #include <windows.h> manually anywhere in your code. MFC includes it in its own way and you already have access do all declarations of this header.

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Oh well, the error message seems say just everything.

When you've created an MFC app, it already included windows.h.

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I believe this is an error on Microsoft's part. After all, the guards on the include file should protect against this issue. A big -10 to Microsoft.

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No, because MFC is very picky about where exactly the windows.h file is included. So, if users were allowed to just include windows.h whenever they please, some macros and settings would end up being plain wrong. –  Roel Jan 8 '13 at 16:43

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